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Farooq Questions Pakistan's Stand on Jammu and Kashmir

14th August 1998
Hindustan Times

SRINAGAR, Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has questioned Pakistan's locus stand) on seeking resolution of Kashmir saying that the issue was settled five decades ago when the people tied their destiny with India. "We will prosper and progress with rest of the country," he added. In a message to the people on the eve of the 51st Independence Day, the Chief Minister said, Pakistan is trumpeting on Kashmir, forgetting that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had discarded the two-nation theory and chosen to align with India."Pakistan, after failing to get Kashmir in three wars, pushed in mercenaries and indoctrinated some of our youth to further their game plan. A large number of people were killed, schools, bridges and other infrastructure build over the years were destroyed by the militants in the past eight years." Recalling the recent massacres engineered by Pak-sponsored mercenaries at Wandhama, Prankote, Dhakikote, Chamba and Doda, Mr Abdullah said this is against the tenets of Islam. Pakistan has not reciprocated India's initiative for peace and friendly relations between the two countries. Mr Abdulllah said, adding that their guns have not stopped roaring. The people of the State had made known their choice when democracy returned to the State two years ago. Mr Abdullah added.

The people of the state and the country want good relations with Pakistan which in effect would help in blossoming trade, commerce and cultural exchange between the countries. Mr Abdullah hoped that good sense would prevail over Pakistan and it would halt its nefarious designs in Jammu and Kashmir. Referring to the achievements of the State, the Chief Minister said, "We are on our way to progress and economic development" He, however, said but for the cancer of corruption, the level of progress would have been much higher.


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