August 1998 News


Pakistani Religious Leaders Call for Anti-U.S. Protests

21st August 1998
Associated Press

Islamabad: Religious leaders in Pakistan said they would offer special prayers and lead demonstrations against U.S. attacks in the fellow Islamic nations of Afghanistan and Sudan. "We won't allow this incident go by unnoticed. It is time for the Muslims of the world to unite," said Munaar Hasan, general secretary of the Right-wing Jamiat-E-Islami, a political and religious group that has vowed to transform Pakistan into a strict Islamic State. Hasan said, "the call would go out from mosques today, the Muslim Holy day, for the faithful to stage demonstrations in the major cities of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi following prayers. A spokesman for Jamiat Ulema-E-Islam, the key ally in Pakistan of Afghanistan's hard-line Taliban rulers, said he was shocked by the U.S. attack, and expected angry reactions across Pakistan today. America itself has emerged as a big terrorist State by attacking two independent and free countries," Hasan said.


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