August 1998 News


Two Senior BJP Leaders Welcome U.S. Attack on Terrorist Bases

21st August 1998
Indian Express

SRINAGAR: Two senior BJP legislators of Jammu and Kashmir today welcomed the U.S. missile attack on terrorist facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan saying the "bold decision is a first major effort to deal with Islamic terrorism." In a joint statement issued here, the legislators, Choudhary Piara Singh and Ashok Kumar Khajuria, said it is good for India which has suffered due to terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and north east for over a decade when the world has today realised disastrous effects of terrorism, reports PTI. "While attacks on terrorist bases in Afghanistan is a welcome step, Islamic terrorism cannot be rooted out without dealing with Pakistan which is the fountain-head of terrorism", they said. The said Pakistan should be declared as terrorist state as the U.S. sub-committee of republicans which has provided ample evidence in the past of Pakistan's involvement of promoting Islamic terrorism.


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