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Pakistan won't Get An Inch of our Land Says Vajpayee

7th December 1998
The Hindustan Times

HITANAGAR: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee declared here today that all attempts by Pakistan to alter the international boundary in Jammu and Kashmir would be defeated with "all the force at our command".

Addressing a public meeting in this town close to the Indo-Pak border where Pakistani firing has uprooted families in several villages, the Prime Minister said: "after tasting defeat in the proxy war, our neighbouring country has opened a new front.

It has now fixed its eyes on Jammu region with evil intentions of changing the borderline".

"Let me tell you that this will not be allowed to happen. Pakistan will not get even an inch of our land. We will defend it with all the force at our command".

Focussing his twenty-minute speech at the conclusion of his two-day visit of the state, the Prime Minister said that "Pakistan has lost proxy war through which it had unleashed bloodshed in Kashmir, was misleading the world opinion claiming that Jammu and Kashmir being a Muslim majority state should be a natural part of Pakistan. But the misinformation campaign has been rebuffed and the international community has asked Pakistan to engage itself in a bilateral dialogue," Mr. Vajpayee said in an obvious reference to recent advice by the United States President Bill Clinton to Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharief.

The Prime Minister said that India was not against talks.


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