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Hurriyat Flayed for Crying over Human Rights Violation in Jammu and Kashmir

13th December 1998
Daily Excelsior

Several organisations have flayed Hurriyat Conference, an amalgam of 23 religious and militant outfits, for its cry over alleged human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir, and blamed the outfit for curbing the say of the Valleys people.

These self-styled champions of human rights should not forget that only they are responsible for the present crisis of the people of the State, Umer Abdullah, Parliament Member and leader of ruling National Conference, told here referring to Hurriyat leaders.

He alleged these leaders had caused a havoc in Jammu and Kashmir by towing a separatist line unacceptable to the peace-loving people there. They can only shed crocodile tears after being responsible for all misdeeds in the State.

He said people had not forgotten the carnages at Wandhama, Sangram-pura, Doda and elsewhere in the State by militants, whose cause these separatist leaders were championing.

Indian democracy and its moral values are beyond the understanding of these leaders, Umer said, adding, despite having separatist views, they have been allowed to hold a demonstration in the capital of this country.

This should be an eye-opener for all those who tend to raise a finger against the human rights record of this country, Umer asserted.

Wali Mohammed Malik, general secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Peace Committee, claimed Hurriyat leaders had decided to stage a dharna here because they could have encountered strong resentment from their militant wings in Kashmir.

One finds it surprising that on one hand Hurriyat leaders condemn excesses by security forces and on the other condone what militants do, which is barbaric in nature, Malik said.

He said the world should not forget that it was Hurriyat only which was responsible for killing of leaders like Mirwaiz Maulivi Farooq, Dr Qazi Nissar and Tikka Lal Taploo.

Not satisfied with the miseries they have perpetrated on the hapless Kashmiris, they have turned to Taliban to convert the Valley into another Afghanistan, he alleged.

Alleging that the Hurriyat leaders were blood thirsty, Malik said the world should stand as one to denounce such people and their mentors from across the border.

He said the people of Kashmir would never forgive these killers who have ravaged the Valley and snatched from it the centuries-old brotherhood.

Kashmiri migrant organisations have come out against the fake concern shown by the Hurriyat leaders over the human rights situation in the State.

Hurriyat is responsible for depriving the poor Kashmiris peace and robbing them of their traditional brotherhood, Yuvraj Raina of Panun Kashmir said.

Hurriyat leaders staged a 48-hour hunger strike to protest alleged human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir on December 10 here.

Militants, who once spelled terror in the Valley, were staging the hunger strike, Raina alleged, adding what else can we expect from them.

Former chief of Hizbollah militant group Shahid-ul-Islam, arrested last year and later released on bail, chief of JKLF Yaseen Malik, Javed Ahmed Mir and others were among those participating in the strike.

Hurriyat is also running into rough weather over its style of functioning, sources said. Former chairman and Mirwaiz of Kashmir Maulvi Umer Farooq was conspicuous by his absence in the strike, and the sources said he was unhappy over the functioning of the present leadership.

The sources said a power struggle was brewing within the organisation, with JKLF, People’s Conference and Muslim League evolving a joint front to overshadow Awami Action Committee (AAC) president Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, who enjoys a good degree of public support.

AAC, after the surprise removal of Umer from Hurriyats chairmanship following his offer to hold unconditional talks with the Centre, is in the process of reviving its offices in Srinagar.

As confusion reins supreme in the Hurriyat with internal strife threatening its unity, analysts said time was ripe to bring the various constituents to the discussion table for talks within the constitutional framework. (PTI)


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