February 1998 News


Pakistani Secret Service ISI Shoot-out with JKLF activists
Final Plan to Finish of Pro-Azaadi Movement

15th February 1998

In a message put out by the JKLF in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the Pakistani ISI had gun battle with JKLF activists when the former tried to raid one of their camps.


KOTLI:The Pakistani secret service agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) had attempted to raid the Training Camp of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) at Sehensa, District Kotli in Azad Kashmir during Feb. 11-12, 1998 night when all their freedom fighters were busy in their respective districts to observe Maqbool Butt Day.

According to Mr Haq Nawaz, the head of the Training Camps, who himself was at Kotli during the night when the incident occurred, The ISI commandos tried a futile attempt to raid JKLF Training Camp at Sehensa at about mid night to force the freedom fighters to vacate the camp and surrender the belongings and the area to ISI officials but were heavily resented by JKLF freedom fighters who were on duty in the camp which forced the ISI commandos to retreat after a three to four hours fierce battle of gun-fires.

According to JKLF resources, when next morning the news spread in the area, the JKLF people living in the vicinity immediately rushed to the spot and took full control of the area and the Camp and issued a Red Alert message to all other JKLF camps and offices in Azad Kashmir to take necessary measures to face any undesirable situation. This cowardly act of ISI had sent a great shock to the supporters of freedom struggle going on in Indian held Kashmir and had given vent to a great wave of anger and anguish among the people of Azad Kashmir specially among the rank and files of JKLF which resulted their protest demonstrations in Azad Kashmir against ISI and the Pakistan Kashmir policy. In Muzaffarabad ISI officials, after chasing a jeep in which the JKLF people were making public announcements to invite the people to participate in the protest demonstration against the incident, kidnapped two JKLF activists and were kept in their unlawful custody for 36 hours before they were released under public pressure. After this ISI act, the situation in Azad Kashmir seems alarming and restless while the spirits of the JKLF people are very high to stand against any threat to their nationally emancipated freedom struggle from any foreign force.

Meanwhile, Dr. Haider Hijazi, Secretary General JKLF had strongly condemned the Govt. of Pakistan, their concerned agencies and their puppet Azad Kashmir administration and said that any such act detrimental to our national integrity, honour, and the freedom movement will not be tolerated at any cost whatsoever the concerns may be. He said that JKLF will not allow any force to sabotage our freedom movement nor will allow the foreign occupants to pave the way for any such conspiracy as may be leading to the permanent division of their motherland.

( Dr. Haider Hijazi ) Secretary General, JKLF.


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