January 1998 News


First extra-ordinary meeting of Majlis-e-Shoura

Srinagar: According to the Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman, the first extra-ordinary meeting of Majlis-e-Shore (after the recently held elections for Amir-e- Jamaat) was held under the Presidentship by its heads, activists, former Amir-E-Jamaat. Hakim Ghulam Nabi, founder JEI, Meulsns Ch. Ahmed Ahrar, and parliamentary affair Bureau Chief S.A. Gilani. In the meetings deliberations were held for the whole day, over the adoption of policy, by Amir-e-Jamaat.

Amir-e-Jamaat immediately after his appointment had announced that JEI is a constitutional Body aimed at setting up such a system, which would be a blessing for mankind without any religion, caste and creed.

>While clarifying the position regarding Kashmir issue, connected with future of more than one crore people of J&K state. JEI, has taken to resolve this issue without any further delay and wishes that the issue should be solved with the mutual understanding of concerned parties, for which there is a immediate need to hold dialogue between all the three parties viz. India, Pakistan and the people of J&K, Further, JEI being a basic unit of JEI, would equally participate in solving the issue at political level and would participate till its justifiable solutions. Amir-e-Jamaat announced with open heart that JEI is neither a militant outfit nor it would be in future. Hence the misunderstanding created about JEI is totally baseless and fabricated.


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