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Militancy falls to an eight-year low in Kashmir

10th January 1998

Srinagar: 1997 registered a steep fall in militancy-related incidents in troubled Jammu and Kashmir, a government spokesman said.

 Giving details, he said there was a 30 per cent decline in civilian deaths as compared to the 1996 figures -- against 1,336 killings, 1997 witnessed only 993, of which 186 were killed after being abducted. In all 448 civilians were abducted by militants during 1997; in 96, the figure was 666.

 Another feature of 1997 was that it had the lowest number of civilian casualities in cross firings. Against the 539 civilians in 1990, only 82 fell to cross fire during 1997. The spokesman said this was primarily due to the restraint exercised by security forces.

 He said 1,075 militants were killed in 1997, of which 67 were shot on the Line of Control. In all, 186 security personnel and policemen fell to militant bullets.

 The number of militant violence also came down steeply -- from 5,041 in 1996 to 3,420 last year. This is the lowest number recorded in the last eight years, which saw a total of 38,188. Till now, 1991, with 3,765 incidents, was the most 'peaceful' year since the start of militancy.

 Last year, militants fired the lowest number of rockets -- just 32. The highest number of rocket-attacks was in 1991 when militants struck 162 times.

 Arson also registered its lowest, with 259 incidents as against 709 in 1990 and 458 in 1996. Even the number of explosions and grenade-attacks were at its lowest, with the year seeing only 423 explosions, 225 IED's and 168 grenades.

 Cross firing incidents fell sharply to an eight-year low -- 959 as against the 1995 high of 1,891.


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