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Hahim Qureshi Speaks out on the Reasons for the Movement’s Decline in Kashmir

24th January 1998

Of many reasons for the decline of ongoing movement in Kashmir, I shall refer to only two. First, gun-wielding has been given the name of terrorism in the closing years of this century. The gun replacing organised civil disobedience has become our tormentor. Second, before the induction of gun for mental training and preparation for a revolution, more than 156 organisations were created for selfish aggrandisment. Finding that Kashmiris were struggling for independence. Pakistan decided to fragment the entire struggling body. Distribution of armed youth into various organisations without ascertaining their affiliations and character, resulted in their internal strife for domination. Thousands of young persons perished in this inter-group conflicts.

HM helps Indians

Indian politicians, security forces and her intelligence agencies were looking for this opportunity. Otherwise ordinary Kashmiris having resorted to civil disobedience, peaceful marches and strikes, had derailed entire Indian administration system in Kashmir. But within our ranks, disunity was created and we were made to invite India to cut us into pieces. The weapon of communalism was given in the shape of Kashmiri youth. The example of Kuka Parrey is there and he has been mentioned by Mr. Hanif Gharib also. My aim and my entire effort has been to see Kashmir an independent land in the shape of Switzerland of Asia. But I try to go on the
roots of the problems. I know that people with a superficial approach and vested interests and people of blind faith and paid agents all would not be happy with my analysis. They show their anger and use abusive language even conveying threats. But it does not deter me from speaking the truth nor do I complain about it because their imagination does not go beyond that.


I condemn each act of Kuka Parrey which brought death to Kashmiri youth. True sons of Kashmir will never forgive for causing damage to Kashmir's freedom struggle. But let us look at those also who are responsible for creating people like Kuka Parrey. Is it not our duty to uncover the faces of those who worked for the destruction of the movement? Kuka Parrey had received training in Pakistan and was a member of JKSLF. This organisation had a strong ground in Safapore(SUMBAL)about 25 kms from Srinagar.

People in this area were strongly pro-JKSLF. But the armed wing of Jamaat-e-Islami,namely Hizbul Mujahideen wanted its domination . It kidnapped the deputy commander of SLF and murdered him. His dead body was cut into pieces and thrown into the river. The murdered MANZOOR NABDI was very popular among the people in that locality. They were enraged on seeing the dead body of Manzoor Nabdi. They organised the longest strike ever made during the ongoing struggle whice lasted three months and demanded that HURRIYAT CONFERENCE punish the assassins of MANZOOR NABDI.

HURRIYAT CONFERENCE constituted an enquiry committee and in its report held Hizbul Mujahideen RESPONSIBLE for the murder. It recommended punishment for the culprit but that was never done . Intoxicated with power, Hizbul Mujahideen began the killing of activists of Liberation Front and others as well.

I PERSONALLY AND REPEATEDLY REQUESTED THE JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI Leadership to stop these acts falling which Kashmiri youth would begin seeking shelter with Indian security forces.

Youth of Liberation Front had been specifically made the target of the GUNS OF HM. Later on activists of AL JIHAD,AL MUJAHIDEEN FORCE and others also became their victims.Failure of punishing the assassins of MANZOOR NABDI made most of the SLF and other organisations' youth INSECURE. Indian security forces, waiting for the opportunity, made its proper use. Kuke Parrey and his comrades began killing HM activists.This bloody drama enacted by Kashmiri youth continues till date reminding us of the unending revenges in Afghanistan. Later on Kuka parrey formed Ikhwanul Muslimoon out of SLF and led his own group to victimise innumerable young persons.


" TODAYS TASK FORCE is based on these RENEGADES", who became ruthles murders of Kashmiri youth. ( My Younger brother IQBAL QURESHI was taken by the Task force from his shop in Lal chowk on 5 DECEMBER, last week and was tortured for three hours. After he becamed unconsious, he was thrown on the street, only when the shopkeepers were on strike and had called for a Hartal.) The question is if Kashmiri leadership had in the very beginning suceeded in asking Pakistani and AK leadership in stopping this inter-group strife, then people like Kuka Parrey would not have become the culprits when they were Mujahids.

Maqbul Malik was kidnapped by HM in Islamabad. His dead body had several bullet wounds and his eyes were gouged out. He was a pious man and an upright political thinker. Liberation Front even identified his murderers but no action was taken. Qazi Nisar was murdered and his family even mentioned the names of the assassins but without any result. New Delhi cashes on our follies. In this way thousands of Mujahids like Kuka Parrey became culprits although these were the same young people who had braved the harsh climate and snow clad mountain passes without footwear and warm clothes on their bodies in order to cross the border and receive training in Pakistan. They had prepared themselves to fight for independence of Kashmir. Why raise accusing fingers towards pro-independence groups? HM searched for them and hunted them one by one. They felt insecure and rightly so.

There are many people among the pro-accession sections who cooled their heels in Delhi. Included in them are Babar Badr, Bilal Lodhi and others. Therefore the faults is not in the ideology of independece but in training, organisation and in paucity of detachment among those who are running the movement. If people are silent for fear of life or for petty interests or for escaping criticism, it is a different story. Otherwise everybody living in the valley will endorse my statement. Kuka Parrey was made Kuka Parrey by the HM, the military wing of JI.

Gun wielders have created such a confusion in the valley that Sayyed All Shah Geelani had to write an open letter to them in the newspapers : "OPEN LETTER FOR MILITANT ORGANISATIONS" in the Daily Aftab of november 24, 1992. He wrote, " Looting the banks, accepting bribes, becoming partners in frauds makes the entire struggle for self-determination suspect and condemnable. Organisations will have to think over giving calls for Strikes because the chain of strikers will not harm our enemy but will make our nation face more difficulties." Every sincere Kashmiri is shedding tears on wanton destruction of our youth by the security forces who kidnap them without leaving any trace or arrest them from their houses and then bring back their dead bodies.

But those who are conducting business on these dead bodies can never realise the pain and torment of the parents and reltives of these victims. TODAY OUR GENERATION IS FACED WITH DESTRUCTION AND MASSACRE. Apart from Indian security forces, there are groups like Kuka Parrey also who are ready to kill their own kith and kin. Youth fighting against India, are also killing pro-Indian Kashmiri youth. I WOULD ASK THOSE WHO SHED TEARS FOR THE FREEDOM OR ACCESSION OF THIS NATION THE

The gun is now mostly the weapon of culprits. In the hand of a Kashmiri, it is only to kill his own brother. Therefore those who support the gun, are in no way well wishers of Kashmirs or their cause. We want to save our young generation if we are to fight a long battle. THE ONLY WAY IS OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE AND SATYAGRAHA. I AM NOT AGAINST PAKISTANI MASSES or the security of Pakistan in any way. That does not serve my purpose. Her politicians, jurists, bureaucrats and the president all are enough to make a TAMASHA of Pakistan in the whole world. But if a few intransigent people loyal to Pakistani rulers and her intelligence agencies as loyalty to Pakistan and her masses, let them be happy with it.

My effort is that the masses of Kashmir should also have a look at the other side of the coin. Pakistani rulers are not with Kashmiris. They talk about only for TERRITORIAL AGGRANDISEMENT. To them Kashmir's independendence means accession to Pakistan. According to interm constitution act,1974 of "Azad Kashmir" on page 6, colum 7 : FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION :(1) Subject to this act, every state subject shall have the right to form association or unions, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of
morality or public order.

(2) No person or political party in Azad Kashmir shall be permitted to propagate against, or take part in activities prejudicial or detrimental to, the ideology of the state's ACCESSION TO PAKISTAN. BUT THE MEANING OF SELF-DETERMINATION IN THE DICTIONARY IS AS THIS :


Regarding Ghaznavi's attack on Somnath temple (there were 17 attacks on somnath temple in all) the story of 'princes gathering', there is no excuse for attacking worship places. Those knowing Islam fully will never support anybody attacking a worshipping place. HAZRAT UMAR ARREIVED JERUSALEM TO RECEIVE THE KEYS OF THE CITY FROM THE CHRISTIAN RULERS. THIS WAS THE TIME TO OFFER PRAYERS , HAZRAT UMAR WAS STANDING IN THE CHURCH. THE PRIEST OF THE CHURCH SUGGESTED TO HAZRAT UMAR TO OFFER NAMAZ THERE IN THE CHURCH ITSELF. BUT THE

"Considering extremist Hindus as the total India and then speaking about starting a jehad against them or the whole Indian nation-state then you are creating problems for 180 million Muslims living in India. What is more, by killing the Indian vice chancellor, Professor Mushirul Huqq in the course of your struggle, you achieved only alienation of Indian Mislims. How then do you want to speak for them ? Some of you may call Mahmud Ghaznavi a hero ( He looted Hindu temples during his 17 attacks on India ). By the same token if a Hindu calls such Muslims as invaders, a finger should not move. Not to speak of us, no cultured Hindu will condone the demolition of Babri Mosque by the extremist Hindus. By the same token we shall have to condemn the
demolition of 18 Hindu temples as the aftermath of Babri Mosque episode. No human culture accepts demolition of religious places and spreading of hatred among people."

Islam, the religion of brotherhood and justice.

Islam, the religion of brotherhood and justice has been given the name of propagators of terrorism just because of the deeds of the Musalmans of today. It does not bring me shame to condemn the act of destruction of Somnath or babri Masjid but in fact I feel proud of protesting against these acts of vandalisation people who must be really ashamed are those who have compassed the killing of their own brethren in Afghanistan, Algiers and Kashmir. Those who slit the throats of their own children and those who dishonour their own women and those who are advocating blindly for any kind of anyonce barbaric acts. And what is more, they call it WAR

We should not speak to one another in these sarcastic words but we should engage ourselves in meaningful discussion of issues. Those who object to my criticism do so because they do not tolerate any objection to Pakistan. But facts are facts. My articles carry most of the questions and answers. Shaheed Maqbul Bhat's dream of freedom and self-determination is to be found in his own statement. We can put it once again on internet. I have not levelled charges of corruption against people but have only told the facts. I do not want to create personal enemies by taking the name one by one. People of the valley within whose sight palatial houses have been raised know eveything. The five-party alliance namely Shoura-e-Jehad which is supporting accession
to Pakistan and to which you also ideologically subscribe has demanded that accounts of funds received from within and outside be submitted by all Kashmiri leaders including leaders of APHC. This was made on 16 May 1997.

Truth is strength

I desist from self-praise. I have answered the questions put to me. But we have a role in Kashmir movement, right or wrong, which only history will decide. One cannot adjudge one's role here and now ; only future will unfold it. I have not asked for any award or prize which is what the Muslim Conference activists want in the name of so-called struggle for Kashmir's freedom. They conduct the politics of residential plots. I live on rent in Europe because I know that except our deeds, we take nothing from this material world.

Let me repeat that unless we as Kasmiris uncover the facts and the oppressions of history on us, we shall not be able to chalk our path towards freedom. If my articles cause any displeasure to any emotional person, I can only ask for forgiveness in my personal capacity and in the capacity of a human being. However it is my national duty that I should uncover the face of realities and truths about our nation. My articles are a process of making nationalist Kashmiris participants in the process of accountability.

JAMAT-e-ISLAMI' of Kashmir says no more Armed Struggle !

" A prominent separatist group in Indian-administerd Kashmir, the Jamat-i-Islami, has said that it will no longer support the armed campaign by militants in the region. The Jamat-i-Islami leader, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, said the group's leadership had decided at a day-long meeting in Srinagar this week to disassociate itself from violence. He said the armed struggle had achieved its purpose because it had led powerful countries such as the United States to offer to mediate between India and Pakistan. He denied the widely-held view that the militant group Hizbul Mujahideen was the armed wing of Jamat-i-Islami. A BBC correspondent in Srinagar says that some observers believe Mr Bhat's real motive may be to try to bring to an end the campaign by Indian forces against Jamat-e-Islami."

From the newsroom of the BBC World on 12-12-97.

Having been instrumental in the bloodshed of more then 40,000 Kashmiris, the Jamaat-e-Islami of Kashmir is now not only denying its all relations and connections with the militant organization of Hizbul mujahideen but is also stressing on democratic and civil disobedience movements.How unfortunate and how ronic is it that the Kashmiri nation is not even in the position of asking these Jamaatis and their leadership that until yesterday,they were raising slogans in favour of guns and bullets as the guarantors of Jehad and freedom and accession to Pakistan. How come that today they are talking about civil disobedience movement?

THOUGH BELATED, STILL I HAIL IT AS A STEP IN RIGHT DIRECTION. But I must remind these Jamaatis that as early as 1990, I had been stressing upon civil disobedience as the guarantor of Kashmir's freedom. A storm of opposition to me was stirred .Now almost all groups have come to the same conclusion ."However in all probability, the Jamaat-e-Islami of POK and various Islamic organizations in Pakistan, may not fell happy with this revision of policy by the Jamaat-e-Islami of Kashmir because they are running business through the guns and the dead bodies of my Kashmiri youth." Therefore it appears to be a plan of associating
Jamaat-e Islami of Kashmir in the political programme. In any case, perhaps hizbul Mujahideen did not expect this kind of "Betrayal" from jamaat-e-Islami that the Amir of jamaat suddenly severs warm and affectionate relations with Hizbul Mujahideen. What can Kashmiri nation expect from a party which uses its youth and then leaves them in lurch?

M. Hashim Qureshi Chairman J&K Democratic Liberation Party E-Mail: qureshi@laila.demon.nl
Srinagar(India)0091- 0194-451194/471440 Date: 15-12-1997


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