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Hurriyat Chairman Umar Farooq sings ISI Tune about BJP Being Best

27th January 1998

Srinagar: According to a report filed in the newspaper Asian Age, Hurriyat chairman Maulvi Umar Farooq, feels that the BJP should be given a chance to form a government at New Delhi. Maulvi Umar Farooq’s statements echo the ISI thinking that it would serve Pakistan’s interests if the BJP was to come to power. It is not surprising that Umar Farooq is singing the ISI tune. Both he and the ISI hope that the BJP’s coming to power would cause more tension in India and alienate the Muslims further who could then be used freely by the ISI to spread terror and disturbances in India.

Seema Mustafa reporets: The chairman of the All Party Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq, on Tuesday expressed full support for a BJP government in Delhi with Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee as the Prime Minister. "The BJP should be given a chance and Atalji is better than all the other contenders for the post," he said.

Speaking to The Asian Age from Srinagar, Maulvi Farooq blamed the Congress for the Kashmir problem. The United Front and its Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, he said, had reneged on all promises.

"Now we think our problem can be solved with stable governments in both India and Pakistan and in this context I think that the BJP should be given a chance," he said. His views come two days after an article by the former director-general of the Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence, Mr Asad Durrani, in total support of the BJP and Mr Vajpayee. Mr Durrani argues for a BJP government in Delhi, pointing out that Pakistan had established an Islamic state and there was nothing wrong in the BJP trying to create a Hindu state in India.

Mr Durrani has written that the BJP was more direct about its stand on Kashmir and hence much easier to deal with than the Congress. He remembers Mr Vajpayee with great fondness as a leader who had visited Pakistan and had been very friendly and warm. Mr Durrani’s assessment is that the BJP will come to power in this elections. Mr Durrani’s views seem to have coloured the perceptions of Maulvi Farooq. Asked if he thought the BJP was anti-Muslim, Maulvi Farooq said, "It is not a question of Muslims. In the past eight years no government has taken a pro-Kashmiri stand in the Valley. At least the BJP appears to be more reasonable."

Asked to comment on the BJP’s stand against Article 370, he laughed,"That is the only link between India and Kashmir and if it is removed then we automatically get azaadi (freedom)." Mr Durrani says in his article that the retention or doing away of Article 370 would not make any difference to the people of the Valley.

Maulvi Farooq was particularly critical of Mr Gujral. "Unhone hamari ummeedon par pani pher diya hai (he let us down very badly)."

Mr Durrani calls the Congress a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is more enthusiastic about the BJP’s hard line, a sentiment shared by Maulvi Farooq who is categorcial that Mr Vajpayee is better than his rivals in the field. Like whom? "Oh, people like Kesri and the others from the United Front, at least he (Vajpayee) is more reasonable," he added. 


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