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Moscow Opposes Internationalising Kashmir Issue

12th June 1998

MOSCOW: Russia today said it was opposed to internationalising the Kashmir problem and favoured a direct dialogue between Indian and Pakistan on all outstanding issues. Russian position was outlined by foreign ministry spokesman Vladimir Rakhmanin even as Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's special envoy Brajesh Mishra concluded his discussions with Russian leaders on the situation in the sub-continent following nuclear tests by India and Pakistan.

Mishra, principal secretary to the prime minister, told Moscow-based Indian journalists that Kashmir issue came up during discussions with Russian leaders in the over all context of Indo-Pak relations. The russian side did not offer any mediation, he said, adding they only expressed their desire for encouraging India and Pakistan to resolve their differences through direct talks. Before leaving for home after his three-day visit, Mishra called on Russian Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko and had discussions on a wide range of bilateral issues. However, his scheduled meeting with President Boris Yeltsin was cancelled at the eleventh hour today as the Russian leader did not come to his Kremlin office. Mishra's talks with foreign minister Y. Primakov aquired importance as the latter is to attend the G-8 meet in London tomorrow to discuss South Asian nuclear crisis, reports PTI.


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