May 1998 News


Pakistan's official support to Kashmiri terrorists concerns U.S.

1st May 1998

WASHINGTON: The United States has expressed concern over Pakistan's "official" support to terrorist groups like Pakistan-based Harkat-ul Ansar (HUA) operating in Kashmir, notwithstanding denials by Islamabad. "Pakistan's official support to HUA is cause for concern on the part of our government... it will have an impact on U.S. policy towards Pakistan," a senior state department official told reporters after the release of the annual"patterns of global terrorism" report here yesterday. "Official support is a very important issue for our government, and certainly it will be an implement element of policy decisions made by the secretary and the administration.Certainly, there will be an impact," the official said on condition of anonymity, reports PTI.

"There continue to be credible reports of official Pakistani support for Kashmiri militant groups that engage in terrorism, such as HUA,"the report, prepared under the supervision of Christopher Ross, coordinator in the department for counter-terrorism, said. "Many of the factions involved in the Afghanistan civil war continued to provide haven to terrorists by facilitating the operation of training camps in areas under their control," it added.


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