May 1998 News


Hashim Qureshi Condemns Killings in POK

5th May 1998

Amsterdam : Hashim Qureshi has condemned the massacre of 21 innocent people including 8 children and 6 women in Bandala village, 600 meter from the cease fire line in "Azad Kashmir", POK in the dead of night on April 26 and 27 last week.

Hashim Qureshi ,Chairman of J&K Democratic Liberation Party, expressed his deep sorrow and anguish concerning the deaths of innocent people including children and women. The J&wsz chairman said, that these kind of senseless killings of the Kashmiri nation on both sides of the cease fire line are animal-like actions against humanity. The J&KDLP called peoples attention to his previous statement on 27 January against the same kind of killing in Ganderbal IHK : "These kind of inhuman killings are the beginning of an ALGERIAN KIND OF MASSACRES against innocent people - an endless cycle of mayhem. If we Kashmiris will not stand up against these kind of barbaric acts, it can happen anywhere and with everyone."

Hashim Qureshi said: "Indian and Pakistani rulers and army have made the killing of Kashmiris, forcing them out of their homes, putting them in prisons and subjecting them to atrocities as their basic policy for last fifty years. Armies and agencies from both sides are playing a deadly game with each other, but actually it is Kashmiris who become the victims of their evil game. Now these rulers have found a new way to massacre Kashmiri people at the hands of these BEASTS in the name of religious in the both parts of Kashmir. Hashim Qureshi warned Indian and Pakistani rulers and the so-called religious groups, if these kind of mass killings will continue, the entire sub-continent could become a burning hell. Therefore we, the people of sub- continent, must stand up against those who are enemies of humanity and fight to end these kind of animal-like actions.


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