May 1998 News


Four Hindus killed, violent backlash, army stages flag march

6th May 1998
Indian Express

JAMMU: Militants shot dead four Hindus after storming a house setting off violent backlash with mobs setting afire government vehicles and offices as the army staged flag march in Poonch district of Jammu and kashmir today. Armed militants forced their way into the house of retired forest official R.L. Dutta in in Surankote town town, about 200 KM from Jammu, and shot dead four persons -- mostly tenants - and injured two last night, an official spokesman said here. The victims were identified as Nirdosh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Deepak and Jaswant Lal, he said. As the news of the killing spread, mobs set on fire four government vehicles and some offices in Poonch town about 30 kilometres from Surankote. The authorities called out army which staged the flag march in Poonch town as tension ran high. Reinforcements of security forces were rushed to Surankote and its adjoining areas to nab the militants.PTI report.

In a separate incident, militants killed six persons and injured one in a village of Doda district in an attack on a group of people who were carrying four dead bodies of village defence committee (VDC) for cremation on monday, official sources said. The spokesman said no curfew was clamped in the town.


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