November 1998 News


JK Democratic Liberation Party Condemns The Assassination of DR.GHULAM QADIR WANI

7th November 1998

Holland: JKDLP strongly condemns the dastardly assassination of a patriotic, and noble son of Kashmir, Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani, in his home in Bandipora. His murder is yet one more proof of a deep -rooted conspiracy of our enemies to liquidate the ideologues of the freedom movement so that Kashmiris are coerced into abandoning the cause for which they have made tremendous sacrifices during past decades.

The murder of Dr. Wani, a pioneer among the Kashmiri ideologues, and the foremost in the vanguard of freedom struggle, is not an isolated event. It is in line with the murder of a number of other outstanding Kashmiri intellectuals and ideologues among whom are included stalwarts like Molvi Farooq, Dr. Guroo, Qazi Nisar, Mir Mustafa, Maulana Masudi, Maqbul Malik, Abdus Sattar Ranjoor, H.N. Wanchoo, Lassa Koul and others.

His assassination is another moment of deep introspection for the people of Kashmir. They should have no difficulty in understanding that a welcome call given to the "guest mujahideen", mercenaries and the Taliban militiamen by some leaders is nothing but to invite the destruction of our motherland and liquidation of the leading lights of our struggle. it should be remembered that those who promote or spread violence, will be consume by violence,sooner or later. Kashmir has always suffered at the hands of outsiders who have engineered their destruction in the guise of sympathizers or co-religionists.

Kashmiris have to learn a lesson from their past history.The motive of the mercenaries in liquidating the intellectuals and ideologues is to create a situation in which Kashmiris become helpless and succumb to intimidation. Kashmiris must put a question to themselves whether these mercenaries are their saviours or destroyers? A nation that depends on others, particularly the mercenaries, must know that all that they do is helping themselves pass from slavery to slavery and not from slavery to freedom.

JKDLP appeals to the people of Kashmir to reject the mercenaries, reject the leadership that persuades them to welcome the mercenaries, and their sponsors, and thus save their intellectual community to guide them in their struggle. It appeals to them to shun violence and fratricide and think of positive but non-violent ways of achieving their objectives.This will be the best tribute they can pay to their martyrs and their ideologues like Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani.


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