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India Gaining Upper Hand Against Kashmiri Secessionists

17th October 1998
The Times of India

"India has slowly gained the upper hand against Kashmiri secessionists," according to a US congressional study on India and Pakistan. This suggests that the possibility of India agreeing to US or other international mediation is even more remote than before, says the report prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which advises members of Congress on policy issues. "Although a low level guerrilla insurgency continues, India may not feel enough pressure either from Kashmiri guerrillas or the international community to be willing to jeopardize its position through negotiations involving third parties or international organizations," the study points out.

The 37-page report has been prepared by Richard P Cronin (coordinator), specialist in Asian affairs; Barbara Leitch Lepoer, analyst in Asian affairs; Jonathan Medalia, specialist in national defence; and Denise Rennack, analyst in foreign policy legislation, foreign affairs and national defence division.

Meanwhile, another CRS report says that Pakistanis nuclear programme completely relies on foreign technology while India can develop computer codes critical to developing even thermonuclear weapons. It quotes a source saying that China provided Pakistan the blueprints for the bombs as well as highly enriched uranium, thorium, scientists and key components for a nuclear weapons production complex, among other crucial tools. It further quotes Gary Milhollin, a leading expert on the spread of nuclear weapons, as saying that "without China's help, Pakistanis bomb would not exist". The CRS said it appeared that Pakistan could deploy warheads on the Ghauri missile.


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