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Tarigami attacks Farooq for being loyal to BJP

3rd April 1999
Daily Excelsior

SRINAGAR: Criticising the suggestions from some quarters of dividing the State once more for permanent solution to Kashmir, secretary general of the State unit of CPI(M), Mr MY Tarigami has stated that the permanent solution of the State can be achieved only through meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan. He also criticised the State and Central Governments for their alleged hostile attitude towards development of the State.

Reacting to the recent statement of Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah that, the relations of NC with BJP are good and there is no question of withdrawing the support to Central Government, Mr Tarigami wondered "now the two idealogically poles apart parties be together and what has the State gained from their friendship?"

He said the BJP wants to scrap Article 370, while NC favours more autonomy, State is asking for the funds and Centre is not giving even what is due share of the State besides the Centre is also not even interested to solve the basic problems of the State, then how can Dr Abdullah justify his friendship with the Centre.

He said that the last few years of BJP misrule has seen India being ushered into a state of chaos and confusion, where one does not even know what he is doing.

He said India has been isolated in world fora because of it's jingoist declaration of being a nuclear power, economy is on the slump, communalism is on the rise, innocent Christians are being killed and nuns are being raped and still our CM is friendly with the demolishers of Babri Masjid.

Mr Tarigami having a dig at Congress said the Congress has only planted corruption in the last 45 years and now BJP is becoming a bigger culprit by harvesting the crop.

He said the Central Government is being hostile to the State in every sphere of it's development.

He said militancy related expenditure of the State is not being reimbursed like that of Punjab and North-East, unemployment of the State is not being tackled and youth from Valley are not given jobs in Central Government offices, State is not being given it's due compensation of the Indus water treaty and still our CM is loyal friend of the Centre.

He hoped that enough wisdom will prevail on the supporting parties of BJP and the country will get rid of the fascist Government. Reacting to statements of some political leaders which called for one more division of the State for permanent solution to Kashmir problem, Mr Tarigami said the divisions have created only problems, to which the history is a mute witness.

Urging these forces not to divide the people and thus State on the communal lines, he said the permanent solution of Kashmir problems can only be found through meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan. He, however stated that he was in favour of granting more autonomy to the State, on regional basis.

On being questioned whether he was in the favour of holding talks with the extremist groups, Mr Tarigami replied that the headquarters of these groups were based in Pakistan and moreover there was no fun of talking to the people, who are in Kashmir today and tomorrow may move out to Sudan or Afghanistan.

He, however, said talks can be held with Hurriyat, Shabir Shah or people like Azam Inquilabi, but these talks should be held openly and not behind the curtains. He also said these talks can bear results only when the concerned parties are sincere to find a solution and won't talk just for the heck of it.

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