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Pak Army, ISI ignore Lahore Declaration

23rd April 1999
Daily Excelsior

NEW DELHI: There has been no perceptable change in the attitude of Pakistani Army or the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) even after the Lahore Declaration as militants continue to attack Hindu minorities besides trying to extend militancy to other areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Union Home Secretary B P Singh has said.

"There is nothing to indicate that Pakistan Army or the ISI of Pakistan have decided to follow the spirit of the Lahore Declaration or the spirit that has been unanimously sponsored and supported by Members of Parliament of India and members of various sections within Pakistan itself," Singh said in his presentation of the situation in the state to the standing committee of the Ministry of Home.

According to the 54th report of the Committee presented to Rajya Sabha, the Home Secretary said though there was a marked improvement in the state, the situation was still difficult in certain other ways. "The militants are attacking Hindu minorities in isolated places and are trying to extend the garb of militancy to other areas of the state".

He, however, said that the number of incidents in 1998 had declined as compared to those in 1997. There had also been a decline in the number of persons killed last year as compared to those killed in 1997. The situation in Srinagar has vastly improved and nearly one lakh tourists visited the state in 1998 as against 7,000 in the previous year.(PTI)

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