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Pakistan changed PoK's demographics

25th April 1999
Deccan Herald

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has changed the demographic composition of Pak-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) by systematically settling outsiders there. This was stated by Ms Mumtaz Khan on behalf of the European Union at the 55th session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.

The session witnessed large numbers of representations on behalf of the people of PoK where the state of human rights has degenerated to its lowest level, the EU said.The European Union of Public Relations alleged that through another policy Pakistan was brainwashing Kashmiri school children of their culture, language and history.

Things are worse in Gilgit and Baltistan, where though there is no insurgency or terrorism, there are intelligence agencies and the army all over. This is one region where people have no civil or constitutional rights, the EU alleged and said protests against this state of affairs are crushed by security forces and through sectarian clashes.

During the session, Mr Zulfikar Khan Aziz, a political leader of Gilgit, said the Pakistani slogan for the right of self-determination for Kashmiris was a ploy meant to divert world attention from PoK.

Within the part of Kashmir under its occupation, Pakistan will not allow any movement for the right of self-determination. This slogan is only meant to incite Kashmiris on the Indian side, he said.

He said in Gilgit and Baltisan there were no job opportunities for the locals but ''we cannot even migrate to other countries because we are required to get exit permission from Pakistan through we are not part of Pakistan."

In her statement, Helga Jurt said Pakistan had nurtured Harkatul Ansar to unleash terror in Kashmir. This organisation, declared a terrorist outfit by the United States, wants to expel Hindus from Kashmir.

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