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India target of Bin Laden's terror: US daily

2 August 1999

WASHINGTON: US law enforcement agencies have identified India as a target of Osama Bin Laden's own terrorist network as well as of allied organisations across the globe, the Washington Post said on Sunday.

Jammu and Kashmir is the target area in India, the paper said, adding the United States and Pakistan also figure in the hit-list along with another 18 countries.

The countries listed as targets of Bin Laden's Al Qaeda group and networks of other fanatical and fundamentalist organisations, are India (in Jammu and Kashmir), the US, Pakistan, Britain, Bosnia, Albania, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Russia (in Chechnya where, as in Kashmir, the fundamentalists demand a separate state on grounds of religion), Lebanon and Croatia, the paper said.

Pakistan is named as a target as apparently the terrorist groups want to turn it into a Taliban-style state, analysts said. The paper reported the US government was yet to determine whether Bin Laden's network is a terror conspiracy or a loose alliance of like-minded terrorist organisations.

The US has charged Bin Laden and 16 co-defendants for conspiring to bomb American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on August 7 last year that killed 224 people and ``to murder US nationals anywhere in the world''.

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