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Pakistan seriously considering American formula for Kashmir

2 August 1999
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: Pakistan is "seriously considering" an American formula for resolving its Kashmir issue with India, the daily Jang reported today, quoting "reliable sources". According to the mass-circulated Urdu language newspaper, the US has proposed to India and Pakistan to allow greater autonomy to the Kashmiri territory they control and open the dividing military Line of Control to the Kashmiris living on either side of it.

After five years of self-rule and free interaction, the Kashmiris on the two sides should elect separate assemblies which should decide the future of the Himalayan state.

The newspaper said the solution confines to the Jammu and Kashmir region, excluding the Gilgit-Baltistan and Ladakh regions which would remain in the control of Pakistan and India respectively.

Jang said these "initial proposals" could be amended in the talks that President Bill Clinton promised to promote between Pakistan and India to end their 50 years of hostility.

Jang said the so-called US formula was silent on the role of the Indian and Pakistani armies present in Kashmir during its operation.

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