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Mufti be fooling masses for petty political gains: CM

10 August 1999
Daily Excelsior

JAMMU, Aug 10: Stoutly opposing demand of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (JKDPD) supremo Mufti Mohammed Sayeed to hold unconditional talks with militants, Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah today accused former Union Minister of be fooling masses for petty political gains.

In an informal chat with media-men, Chief Minister out-rightly rejected, what he called illogical demand, and did not see any reason to hold talk with gun-tooting militants who do not want to live in India.

"How can we hold talk with those who neither respect Indian Constitution nor called themselves as Indian", he asked and smelt petty political consideration of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed in airing this non-serious demand.

Launching a scathing on Mufti for not highlighting miseries of the masses when he was at the helm of the affairs in Union Government, Chief Minister sarcastically asked why Mufti during his tenure as Union Home Minister in the Vishwanath Pratap Singh Government did not hold talks with militants. "He(Mufti) has launched this prevaricating campaign to be fool the masses to get their votes", he said and declared that Farooq Abdullah would not be intimidated by these vicious campaigns. "As Farooq Abdullah I favour talk with only those who are ready to leave gun and express faith in the Indian Constitution", he asserted.

Expressing serious concern over the increasing militant activities in the Valley after Operation Vijay, Dr Farooq Abdullah said that frustrated Pakistan has intensified militant activities to boost the sagging morale of the its forces. He,however, declared that every possible effort would be made to frustrate nefarious designs of enemy.

"Despite being badly defeated at Kargil, Pakistan has not learnt any lesson, it is high time to teach it a lesson for all its stupid misadventures", Dr Abdullah said.

Dr Abdullah urged the Central Government to inform the entire world about the treacherous designs of Pakistan, who has been exporting militancy in the State for the last one decade. He demanded that Pakistan should be declared as terrorist state for her involvement in spreading militancy in her neighbouring countries.

Replying to a question,Chief Minister said it was very easy to demand more security forces but we have to keep into consideration law and order problems in other parts of the country."Instead of demanding more forces we have to utilise available force for keeping a check on militant activities in the State", he said and hoped that after frustrating Pakistani designs at border, army would assist security forces in their anti-militancy campaign.

"We are keeping a strict vigil on the situation and will make every possible effort to maintain peace in the State", he said and asserted that State Government would not be intimidated by violence unleashed by militants.

Chief Minister did not see any reason to postpone elections in the State and asserted that National Conference has been geared up to face elections.

Chief Minister, however, parried the question regarding statement of the IGP, BSF regarding politician-police-militants nexus in the Valley. "I have not read that statement", he simply said.

Earlier, addressing function which was organised by the Bari-Brahamana Industries Association to present a cheque to the Chief Minister for Kargil martyrs, Dr Farooq Abdullah highly appreciated efforts of the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee in improving relations with Pakistan. "It is unfortunate that our Prime Minister was organising peace yatra while Pakistani Premier was sending intruders on Indian soil", he regretted but hoped Indo-Pak relations would improve for the development of this sub-continent.

Lavishing praise on Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, Chief Minister said that some time he felt surprised that how the leaders who were groomed in the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS)ideology, which propagating Hindutava, behaving after getting power. "Despite being supporter of RSS ideology, he never discriminated with any one", he said while praising Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee and prayed the God for his long life.

Paying tributes to the Kargil martyrs who had attained martyrdom while protecting dignity of the Mother Land, Chief Ministers aid that it was responsibility of the Government to provide every possible help to the families of martyrs. "Despite facing financial crunch, we would make every possible effort to provide held to the families of Kargil martyrs", he said.

Dr Farooq Abdullah, who came all the way from Delhi after attending meeting of Defence Sub-Committee, informed that Central Government has decided to make uniformity in giving ex-gratia relief to the families of Kargil martyrs.

Earlier, on behalf of the Bari Brahamana Industries Association, president of the BBIA, Mr Vijay Aggarwal president a cheque of Rs 3,51,000for the Prime Minister Relief Fund (Shakti). Beside two cheques of Rs 5,000 each were also handed to the Chief Minister.

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