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Lies cost Pak dear, says Amanullah

19 August 1999
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad, (UNI): Chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Amanullah Khan has deplored the treatment meted out to the people of Gilgit in the name of jehad during Pakistani military's operations in Kargil.

In an article published by Urdu daily Kahbrain of Lahore, Amanullah, who himself belong to Gilgit, wrote: I am well aware of that what all was done to the people in Gilgit in the name of jehad making Kargil as the excuse, but I will not delve into it now.

Amanullah did not disclose details of this treatment nor the Pakistani newspapers wrote anything about it, but the way the Government tried to appease them during the Kargil invasion and then on the country's Independence Day by giving most awards to the members of Northern Light Infantry (NLI) and promising the residents of northern areas that soon the Nawaz Government will come out with a package of reforms to give them basic rights.

The JKLF leader alleged that the Pakistani governments have not allowed indigenous Kashmir movement to develop since 1947. It were Pakistani regulars who were involved in the invasion of Kashmir but Pakistan kept on denying it.

It was for this reason that the first United Nations resolution asked Pakistan to withdraw its forces and others from Kashmir and allowed India to keep necessary forces in the State.

This resolution was totally against Pakistan but it was the result of the idiocy committed by Pakistan at that point of time, he wrote. Again in 1965 Pakistan infiltrated its nationals from Chakwal, Mianwali and other cities to Kashmir and claimed to the world they were Kashmiri Mujahidin. Pakistan also setup radio station in Murree but told the world that it was in Srinagar.

These lies proved costly for Pakistan, he wrote. Amanullah wrote that Pakistan is telling the same lies now about its infiltration in Kargil.

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