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NHRC Asks Jammu and Kashmir Government to hold Talks with Migrants

23rd January 1999
The Times of India

NEW DELHI: National Human Rights Commission has directed Jammu and Kashmir government to organize a high-level meeting with the representatives of migrants in March. The directions were issued after a meeting held in the NHRC office here with the J & K chief secretary, the state's advocate-general and the representatives of the Kashmir migrants.

At the March meeting, senior state ministers and government officials will listen to the grievances of the migrants and make efforts to solve them. The NHRC has offered its services in helping the process of handling individual issues regarding the migrants' problems. Earlier, the NHRC had directed the J & K government to submit a report on the steps taken by it to protect the properties of Kashmiri pandits who had fled from the state after the militants' attacks. The state government had also been directed by the NHRC to prepare a district-wise list of properties falling within the purview of the Jammu and Kashmir Migrants' Immovable Property(preservation, protection and restraint on depressed cells) Act, 1997, and inform about the action taken so far.

According to a spokes-woman of the NHRC, these directions have since been complied with and the J & K government has expressed its willingness to allow migrants interested in checking their properties and take stock of the damage done. ``The state government will provide all necessary help whenever sought by the migrants,'' she said.

The J & K government's chief secretary has assured the NHRC that the officials at various levels would be directed to interact effectively to provide all necessary aid to the displaced people.

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