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United States Absolves Pakistan of Complicity in Indian Bombing Plot

23rd January 1999

New York: US administration has categorically ruled out any involvement of Islamabad in the plot of bombing US diplomatic missions in India. "We do not see any involvement of Pakistan and its ISI in this case. There is no such connection in the case in which a Bangladesh national, Abu Nasir, has been arrested in India. A US team is investigating the matter in India to find if they (the arrested persons) are linked to Osama Bin Laden," US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Karl Inderfurth told this correspondent. Indian Ambassador to the United Nations Kamalesh Sharma was among the handful listeners.

Inderfurth was in New York to address the Foreign Policy Association at the Harvard Club on 'The impact of last May's nuclear tests by India and Pakistan on South Asian stability'. Next week, Inderfurth will be visiting Islamabad and New Delhi as a member of a US negotiating team, also comprising Undersecretary of State Strobe Talbott and General Joe Ralston.

Responding to another question about the 'highlight' of the agenda of the US visiting team, Inderfurth said: "Progress is expected in the eighth round of intensive dialogue with India and Pakistan since their nuclear tests, eight months ago." He avoided to comment on the remark by Democrat Congressman from New York Edolphus Towns, who had asked the US to cut off aid and trade to India until Human Rights, including religious liberty, were secure and regularly practiced. According to the Congressional record of January 19, the Congressman Towns from Brooklyn had also urged the US to declare India a violator of religious freedom and impose sanctions appropriate to that status.

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