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January 26 to be Observed as A Day of Protest says Shabir Shah

24th January 1999
Press Release

Srinagar - Shabir Shah, president of the pro-independence JKDFP, has called upon the people of Jammu & Kashmir to observe January 26, Indian republic day, as a day of protest.

Mr. Shah said that Republic Day of India is a day in which the government of India conducts military parades in various cities in India showing off their military might and newest weapons including ballistic missiles, now capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Shabir Shah said that to him these military parades represent the vast resources which have been diverted from the economic upliftment of the Indian poor and instead have gone towards the continued occupation of Jammu & Kashmir.

Shabir Shah said that whereas the Indian politicians may measure the greatness of a nation by its military brute, the people of Jammu & Kashmir regard a nation's greatest strength to be its upholding of justice, defending of human rights, and how it cares for its people. In this sense, Mr. Shah said that the Indian politicians have failed their own people, let alone meted out terrible oppression upon the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Shabir Shah urged the conscious people of India to ask their government why Kashmiris are being deprived of their birth right and why their government is wasting its resources on the prolonging of the miserable status quo.

Shah has condemned the government for what he called its suppressive attitude in curbing the freedom struggle of the state by letting loose a reign of terror on the innocent people. In this connection, Shah urged the people of Jammu & Kashmir to mark January 26 as a day of protest.

Shabir Shah concluded by saying that the Indian government should not fear the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people since it would be a harbinger of peace not only in South Asia but in the entire world.

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