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Pak attempt at changing LoC irresponsible, says Germany

21 June 1999

BONN, JUNE 21: In one of the strongest indictments of Pakistan by any foreign government yet, Germany has termed as "irresponsible" Pakistan's attempt to change the status quo on the Line of Control.

Wolfgang Massing, head of the Asia desk at the Germany ministry of foreign affairs, says he has information that apart from Afghan militants, the Pakistani Army was involved in the intrusion in Kargil, violating the LoC.

Massing was speaking recently at a debate in Berlin on `Regional and Global Security Implications of the Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Weapons Tests--One Year After'.

During a question-answer session after his presentation, Massing said: "The Pakistani Army was involved in the intrusion in Kargil, violating the LoC. This was an irresponsible behaviour to change the status quo and one cannot solve the problem by force and armed conflict."

"The German government and the European Union is aware of this fact and that this is the main cause of the present crisis in Indo-Pak relations."

In his address, Michael Krepon of the Stimson Centre in Washington, said the involvement of the Pakistani army in Kargil "is a fact".

He warned that India and Pakistan were today "on the threshold of war due to the intrusion of Afghan militants and the Pakistani armed forces."

"The degree of planning, which included sophisticated weapons and hi-tech communication, could not not be possible without the support of Pakistan," he observed.

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