May 1999 News


Hurriyat Distances Itself From World Peace Meet on Kashmir

15 May 1999

In a sudden turn of developments, the All-Party Hurriyat Conference dissociated itself from the deliberations of the core session of the'Kashmir Peace Table' on the penultimate day of the Hague World Peace Conference yesterday.

Making his presentations, AHPC representative Shabir Ahmed Dar made a shocking announcement. ''I want this session to note that we have not been involved in any way in the preparations and deliberations of this core session,'' he said. ''We, therefore, wish the organisers to note and ensure that the APHC name is not used in any manner whatsoever save for this presentation,'' he added.

Prior to making this statement, Dar also clarified that the APHC want edelections not for governance and administration in Kashmir but for seeking a referendum.

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