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Operation flush out may take time to complete, Brajesh Mishra

24 May 1999

"I think it can be a little more. May be a month or may be more. There are 500 infiltrators and more are waiting, Brajesh Mishra told Star TV last night when asked how long the operation might last.

He agreed with the questioner in the programme that since both India and Pakistan were nuclear powers we have to take it seriously and not jump to conclusions but think and decide.

Replying to a question whether the Pakistan Government was preparing for the infiltration during Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Lahore visit, Mishra said he was not in a position to make up his mind in this regard.

Obviously, preparations for this kind of infiltration were going on even when the Lahore declaration was signed.

It takes months to train and acclimatize people to 16,000 feet. Either the Government of Pakistan knew about these preparations when the Lahore declaration was signed or it wasn’t aware of them ..... I cannot make up my mind at this stage, when we went to Lahore and we were invited, we were being fooled. As far as the training is concerned, I cannot come to a conclusion, he said.

Warning of serious consequences over the shelling from Pakistani side, Mishra said, we are trying to take the infiltrators out without raising the temperatures but if the firing continues .... It can lead to serious consequences.

He said there were three objectives behind the infiltration — to increase the number of infiltrators after a number of them cut off the road to Kashmir and internationalise the Kashmir issue.

Mishra said it must be kept in mind that this year people had been seeing more infiltration because since 1971 this part of Kargil area had been unoccupied.

No post which is with Indian Army has been taken away in this part and at 16,000 feet there is no Pakistani occupation, he added. (PTI)

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