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Air strikes not ruled out, Vajpayee

25 May 1999
News Agencies

PONDICHERRY, May 25: Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said here tonight he spoke to his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharief over telephone yesterday and told him that India would not allow intrusion in Kargil even as he asserted that all possible steps would be taken to flush out infiltrators from the area.

"In my talks with Pakistan Prime Minister yesterday, I had made it clear that we will not allow any intrusion to take place in our territory. We will clear our territory," Vajpayee told reporters here.

He said ‘all possible steps’ would be taken by the Government to ‘clear our territory’ of intrusion.

When specifically asked if these steps include air strike, Vajpayee repeated that "all possible steps would be taken to clear our territory of intrusion."

The Prime Minister said ‘we are facing a new challenge in Kargil sector. It is not just an intrusion which takes place when the snow starts melting’.

This time the design is to occupy some territory and stay put there. Infiltrators are being helped by Pakistan armed forces. The situation is totally unacceptable to us, he said.

Vajpayee said what was happening in Kargil was a violation of Lahore declaration. Peace and tranquillity on the Line of Control was accepted by both countries under the Shimla agreement also, he pointed out.

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