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Security forces instructed to punish intruders on Oct 4

1 October 1999
Daily Excelsior
By Neeraj Rohmetra

JAMMU: Even as the Pakistani authorities have launched crack down against the pro-independence outfit — Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in Islamabad, security forces on this side have worked out a strategy to ‘punish’ anyone, who dares to violate the sanctity of Line of Control (LoC) on October 4, as planned by the JKLF.

Reliable sources said the top brass of the Army, Border Security Force (BSF) and other para-military forces held secret parleys to work out a strategy to handle the situation in appropriate manner on October 4 — the day when the JKLF members have threatened to percolate through LoC.

Intelligence inputs indicated that there were little chances of the ‘pro-Azadi’ activists trying to intrude from the International Border (IB) as their stress would be on the areas adjoining the Pakistani occupied Kashmir (PoK).

"According to the modus operandi worked by the organisation at their nerve centre in Rawalkote, they had identified three points mainly for intrusion along the Line of Control (LoC). The locations have been specifically identified since they fall in vicinity of the training camps being used by Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to train subversives", sources said.

Dwelling further on the intrusion points, sources remarked that the ‘transit’ routes were situated in Poonch, Rajouri and Baramulla sector. "In Poonch areas, the JKLF activists were likely to make some attempts in Hajira area, close to the bridge that connects the two sides of the LoC. Adjacent to the Indian side is located the Hajira village of PoK, which is slated to be their take-off point", sources said adding that about 400 activists are likely to gather on the other side.

Sources said that the other intrusion route decided by the JKLF activists is located in Kotli Niwal area of the PoK and the same area has the ‘distinction’ of housing a full-fledged training camp for terrorists. "The area serves as launching pad for terrorists and on an average 200 - 300 persons are trained there for subversive activities per month. We can expect a strength of about 150 pro-independence activists coming there to express their solidarity with people in Kashmir".

The third ‘transit’ point, sources said is located in Chakothi area of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), which is situated adjacent to the Uri area of Baramulla district. "Most of their activists and mentors are likely to gather here and the number may touch to around 1500 - 2000. The focus is likely to be more on this route as the main motive behind the JKLF march to focus the international attention on Kashmir".

As far as the International Border(IB) is concerned, sources said that the only likelihood was that some activists may come close to the border from Sialkot sector falling adjacent to the Octroi post.

Notwithstanding the identification of these intrusion points, security forces are maintaining a high alert both along the IB and LoC. "There are clear instruction that anybody violating the sanctity of either of the two boundaries should be treated as infiltrator. All steps will be taken to keep the Pakistanis and their mentors at bay".

Besides, sources maintained the forces indulging in anti-insurgency operations have also been put on alert, particularly in Rajouri and Poonch districts.

"There was a strong possibility that unlike the earlier marches undertaken by the JKLF, the Pakistani Government may chose not intervene this time so as to give the project the entire affair as the `movement for self-determination in Kashmir’. The Nawaz Sharief Government is already facing a hostile environment at home and it would not like to invite further trouble".

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