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Pakistan not to stop JKLF marchers

27 September 1999
The Indian Express

NEW DELHI: Pakistan Government has reportedly decided not to stop the planned crossing of the Line of Control (LoC) by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on October 4 for fear of strong reaction from Kashmiri people and let the Indian Army "do the job".

Urdu daily, Ausaf quoting reliable Government sources said that the Government has decided to "keep quite" about the rally and not to try to stop it after it came to know that Kashmiris living in Europe and United States have planned to launch a propaganda against Pakistan if it tries to stop the planned crossing.

The Government has been advised to follow a not-interference policy in this regard and let the Indian Army stop the JKLF marchers, the newspaper said.

JKLF chairman Amanullah Khan, told PTI over telephone from his temporary control room for this purpose at Rawlakot in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), also confirmed that the Pakistan Government is yet to approach him directly.

"There has not been any direct communication to us asking to refrain from crossing the LoC", he said adding that though there has been some indirect signals that not to create more problems for the Government Khan, however said that their decision to cross the LoC, from the Poonch sector next Monday stands till now and they are busy in building up the momentum for the same.

"We expect more than 20,000 Kashmiris to join the JKLF march to cross the LoC to express their resentment over the move to convert LoC into an international boundary between India and Pakistan", the JKLF chief said.

But Amanullah Khan said that in view of "indirect" appeals by the Pakistan authorities to refrain from crossing the LoC, the central executive committee of JKLF will be meeting in Rawlakot on Thursday to take a final decision in this regard.

Indian foreign office had summoned the Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi last Wednesday and handed him a note saying that Pakistan Government should stop the JKLF march to cross LoC otherwise it would be responsible for the consequences.

Pakistan Government, has not yet made any direct communication to the JKLF.

A spokesman of Pakistani foreign office at a press conference here last Thursday said the Government is appealing to the JKLF to abandon its plan otherwise it would result in "bloodbath" as Indian troops may open fire on the marchers.

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