November 1999 News


Taliban threaten US with divine retribution

9 November 1999
The Hindustan Times
By N.C. Menon

Washington: Angered by the United States having orchestrated UN Security Council sanctions against it, the Taliban have now decided to turn the American people against the Administration, with dire threats of divine retribution if the people did not persuade the government to change its hostile attitude.

The Taliban gambit was contained in an open letter addressed to "the people of the United States of America" from Afghan leader Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid. The letter points out that the Taliban Islamic Movement brought about the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" to purge the nation of "total anarchy, chaos, crime, terror and turmoil". The effort was well-received by the Afghan people, the letter claimed, somewhat stretching the truth, because it had brought about a government "void of any crime, corruption" and conducive to "peaceful living condition".

In spite of that accomplishment and notwithstanding the sacrifices of the Afghan people against the Soviet Union which ultimately led to its disintegration and elimination of the threat to world peace the United States had chosen to ignore the Taliban, and had taken up a hostile attitude, the letter said.

"This attitude will not help the United States because the Russians were thinking the same line, and look what happened to them", the letter warned. The Taliban also suggested that the Almighty was definitely on their side. "On September 6, 1999, we sent a letter to the White House," Mullah Mujahid said. "In it, we pointed out to them that those who are not on the just side, may God face them with earthquake and storm.

You are all witness to the fact that since the date of that letter, one strong earthquake and two devastating storms have taken their (toll) in the US”. Continuing to point to their close alliance with God, the letter continued: "If the United States wants to impose sanctions upon us, it must be known that God is on the side of the just and no one can challenge God". The letter called on the American people to bring pressure on their government to cease its hostility to the Taliban.

"If you do not take a step (in) this direction", the letter concluded with hints of doom, "you will be surprised about what is coming to you and you will not be able to do anything about it".

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