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JKLF ridicules Pak's dream of getting J & K

19 December 1999
The Asian Age
PTI. here.

New Delhi: Pakistan based militant organisation, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has ridiculed Islamabad's "dream" of getting the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and criticised it for failing to convince the world of it's being " well-wisher of Kashmiris. "

JKLF chairman Amanullah Khan also warned that non-resolution of the Kashmir issue for long had the potential of leading to a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

" Pakistan's present paralysed economy and diplomatic muscle, her lack of self-confidence and internal strife ridicule her dream of getting entire Jammu and Kashmir, " Khan said in a signal message to "political notables of India, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. "

". . . Pakistan's dream that entire Jammu and Kashmir state will fall into her lap, sooner or later is nothing but living in fool's paradise, " said the message, a copy of which was obtained by PTI. here.

Virtually giving no hope to Islamabad's long cherished desire for taking control of Jammu and Kashmir, the JKLF chief said "Pakistan could not get Kashmir when she was in a far better position than she is today and will be for quite some time.

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