December 1999 News


Militants holed in SOG HQ killed

Date: 28 December l999
Times of India

By Rashid Ahmed

After a fierce 24 hour bloody battle, security forces finally eliminated all three Harkat-ul-mujahideen militants on Tuesday evening. The militants had stormed the Srinagar Haft Chinar headquarters of Special Operation Group(SOG) at 5:30pm on Monday.

Jammu and Kashmir Inspector General (IG) Ashok Bhan said on Tuesday that all the three militants have been killed and their bodies kept inside the headquarter complex. The militants, whose number was earlier put at four, were reported to be in police uniform. They ran into the SOG complex firing in all directions, resulting in the death of six police personnel, besides wounding more than a dozen men. Those killed included the deputy superintendent of the SOG, Mr. Ghanshiyam. The militants later occupied the whole complex and took positions inside. They fought a fierce battle with the security forces, comprising the army, BSF, CRPF, SOG and Jammu and Kashmir police.

The security forces, for their part, used mortar shells and rockets to target the militants. This caused substantial damage to the building. The up-town area of the Capital City was rocked under the impact of blaring guns, grenades, mortars and rockets all through the night. The fighting continued till 5:30 pm on Tuesday, after which, the security forces mounted a final assault on the militants and got them killed.

Meanwhile, four more militants were killed in a separate day-long encounter with the security forces at Ganderbal.

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