January 2000 News

6 Year Old killed by militants

27 January 2000
Mhd. Sadiq

Militancy knows no boundaries of space, age or sex. Whosoever comes under its way either has to learn to live with it or he/she would be eliminated for certain. The same is true of Mouzam Iqbal, the 6 year old boy. He is the son of Mohd. Iqbal s/o Bhabore P.S. Tehsil Doda, who was killed by militants in 1994 at his residence. His father is the brother of Riyaz Butt @ Daud, who is a hard-core militant and presently District Commander of Doda.

Just because a person is a brother or relation of a certain militant, he is a target and can be killed at any moment because militants are hell-bent upon increasing their number and won't let your live a life divested of militancy. They believe in what is called the family profession Mouzam's father was a victim of that ideology only. Since his father refused to join their ranks he was made a victim of their bullet. In a way, this is a signal to the innocent Mouzama what is in store for him, who was barely a year old when his father was killed. The poor boy does not even know the circumstances which led to the death of his father. He is probably not aware of the travails of his mother who is working hard to send her son to school so that he joins the mainstream of life and can face on slaught of militants, which is quite likely in his case.


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