January 2000 News

Yet Another Massacre

27 January 2000
Mhd Sadiq

A naked drama of violence was enacted in village Lihota, PS. Tehsile Thathri, Doda, Distt. on July 19, 99, when 15 members of family were killed by militants in one go. It was a family of 5 brothers who largely depend on farming. It was not on this fateful day, when the family had confronted the militants. There has earlier been some instances of confrontations with them.

Shakuntala Devi w/o Lekh Raj, having 7 kids relates the story to be this. They were around 20/25 people wearing black salwar and kameez and had long floating beared. They forced their entry into the house and started firing indiscriminately. Since it was all confusion, they couldn't do much. Some militants started throwing hard grenades on them. Her husband was killed in the confusion. She dumped her 7 kids in the cowdung to save their lives.

Another survivor was 35yr old, Panna Lal s/o Dinnath, whose 3 daughters and wife were killed in the incident. The man had still plaster on his arm which was hurt in the firing. His daughter Santoshi Devi (5yrs) had marks of injury in her leg.

Rajender Kumar (8 yrs) s/o Mohan Lal was badly injured by the militants bullets. He has been left orphan by this disdainful act of militants. Both his parents have been killed by the militants. The innocent boy, who has recently returned after treatment in a Jammu Hospital has been virtually left alone with nowhere to go. The boy who was earlier studying in 2nd class is not even going to school and is entirely at the mercy of the administration.

The remaining members of the family are forced to live in a small room with base comforts because of security reasons. They have nowhere to go for fear of the militants.


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