February 2000 News

A Worried Mother

2 February 2000

Salima mother of Mushtaq Zargar, a terrorist released from Srinagar Central Jail in lieu of IC 814 plane and innocent passengers is a worried lady. She inept the whole night, when she heard about the release of her son. She wanted his release, however, the method employed by the hijackers was not only objectionable but was also disgusting today, she is afraid that has son may not survive the hands, who have got him released.

Salima, who is more than 60 year old used to visit Mushtaq frequently when he was in Central Jail, Srinagar. Now, she is apprehensive that in the last stage of her life, she may not be able to see her son? She prays to God that nobody should suffer the way they had because of militancy she felt pain as well as anger on hearing the news of hijacking. Her eyes filled with tears, when she heard about militancy. She along with family members tried to meet Mushtaq after the news of hijacking but police and jail officers refused them permission.

She met Mushtaq about 2 weeks prior to hijacking but nothing specific except routine issue was discussed. The younger brother of Mushtaq Zahoor is also not very happy with the way Mushtaq got released from jail. Mushtaq may never return back to the valley.


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