February 2000 News

`Islam is marred by false propaganda'

10 February 2000
Asian Age

NEW DELHI: "Islam is marred by false propaganda by the media and the conspiracy by the Western world. Jihad is also to be blamed for that," said former German diplomat and Islamic scholar Dr. Wilfried Hofmann, who is in India at the invitation of a Muslim group Jammat-e-Islami Hind.

"The hysterical reaction motivated by the Western countries on every small event and the collective memory loss about the atrocities on the Muslim adds to the condition," he said. Dr. Wilfried was speaking at a press conference organised by the Jammat-e-Islami Hind on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Wilfried Hofmann said, "Religion has become the clock under the garb of which political mileage is often achieved. Islam is a victim of this conspiracy."

"Islam is not just a religion, it is the most beneficial way of life that the western world has awakened to", he said.

Commenting on the ongoing proxy war between India and Pakistan, Dr. Wilfried Hofmann said, "the two nations should be careful about the sides that they have to take."

As for Kashmir we have to look into the history to find whether what real matter is and abide by the rules set then. Here to the motivation to continue the proxy war is politically motivated," Dr. Wilfried Hofmann added further. "The Jihad according to the Islamic world, is a war with the self for self enhancement. It has always been accused of encouraging terrorism, but then why is it that only Muslims and their acts are coupled with religion? When it is a prisoner of other religion, does this happen to them?" Speaking about the reformatory power of Islam he says. "The western world has discovered that Islam provides you the right control in adds in your personality."

"An atheistic western world has accepted the goodness of Islam, now it is the turn of the developing countries to rediscover its goodness," he said.

He, however, said that religion did not give the freedom to anyone to use or abuse it in any manner. "This is something that is widespread and rampant in the world today."


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