February 2000 News

Pakistani militants plot to escape from jail thwarted

13 February 2000
Daily Excelsior

JAMMU: A well-knit plot by 15 militants including four Pakistanis to escape from the District Jail Rajouri with the help of three Government officials including a constable and a civilian has been foiled by the jail authorities and Madhya Pradesh police.

All four persons, whose help had been sought by the militants to help them escape from the jail, have been arrested by Rajouri Police. They include a police constable posted in the jail, a clerk of Public Prosecutor in the district court of Rajouri, a Chowkidar of Dak Bungalow and a civilian of Dodaj, Darhal.

Top police sources told EXCELSIOR here that District Rajouri jail Superintendent Sheikh Rashid intercepted a letter written by two dreaded Pakistani militants Arshad Mehmood Khan (code name Mammu Ka Ladka) and Nadeem Abbasi from the jail to a militants sympathiser Ghulam Ahmed Malik, a resident of Dodaj village in Darhal.

The letter, written in Urdu and addressed to Ghulam Ahmed Malik, said that militants had made all preparations to break jail at a time of bad weather and failure of power supply. However, the letter said, the militants after their escape from the jail want some safe hideouts to reach which Malik was asked to identify and convey to them.

The letter had asked Malik to take help of Mujid Malik, a police constable posted in the district jail, Bhai Dil Pazeer Malik, a clerk in the office of Public Prosecutor of Rajouri and Younus Mughal, a Chowkidar of Dak Bungalow, Rajouri. All these persons were working as over ground activists of Pakistan-sponsored militants and have been arrested by the police along with Ghulam Ahmed Malik of Darhal.

The arrests were made soon after the letter was intercepted by the Jail Superintendent and Madhya Pradesh Police Assistant Commandant Mr R S Bhaduria.

Sources said the letter had requested Malik and other mentioned supporters of the militants to cut off power supply of the jail during a night of bad weather. "Rest leave on us and Allah. You cut off power supply and, be assured, we will escape from the jail as all other preparations have been made", the letter said.

The letter asked Malik to be in touch immediately with Bhai Dil Pazeer, a court clerk as he knows that jail authorities were trying to shift Pakistani militants to Jammu jails. "Do something so that we can escape from the jail well before we are shifted to Jammu", the letter asked Malik.

It said that in case "we couldnít escape from the jail before being shifted to Jammu, we will make an attempt to escape near Kali Dhar forests during the process of shifting". The letter requested Malik to make arrangements for militantsí stay after escape (in both the cases) by securing the help of three other persons.

Sources said that jail constable Mujid Malik could have been a main source of militantsí escape. He had been recently posted in the jail and, it was suspected, that he had to break open the locks of militants during power failure to facilitate their escape.

They said all four overground supporters of the militants including court clerk, Dak Bungalow Chowkidar, police constable and Darhal civilian were being grilled by the district police to know their contacts with the militants. "It has been established, beyond any doubt, that these four persons were working for the militants despite being in the Government jobs.

The presence of a militantsí supporter in Dak Bungalow was a serious security lapse as all VVIPs, visiting Rajouri, used to stay there. IGP Jammu Zone Mr R V Raju, during the course of his visit to the district, had also stayed in the same Dak Bungalow.

Sources said there were a total of 15 militants in the district jail besides 15 other criminals. Of 15 militants, four were Pakistanis and two others were dreaded militants, hailing from Rajouri. Besides Arshad Mehmood Khan alias Mammu Ka Ladka and Nadeem Abbasi, two Pakistanis, two local hardcore ultras lodged in the jail were Manzoor Parwana, a district chief of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Kabeer Chechi, brother of hardened militant Shabeer Chechi, who was still operating in Rajouri.

Meanwhile, acting swiftly, the jail authorities today shifted four militants to Jammu under massive security arrangements. They were three Pakistanis including Arshad Mehmood Khan and Nadeem Abbasi besides Manzoor Parwana. The Pakistanis were brought to Central Jail, Jammu while Parwana was lodged in Kot Bhalwal jail. Arshad Mehmood Khanís name figured among 35 militants, whose release had initially been sought by Pakistani hijackers of an Indian Airlines Plane at Kandahar.

"But for the interception of letter by the Jail Superintendent and MP Police Commandant, the militants would have succeeded in executing their plan with the help of their sympathisers", the sources said. They said Director General of Police, Mr Gurbachan Jagat, Additional DG (Prisons) Mr S S Ali and IGP Jammu Zone Mr R V Raju have lauded the efforts of jail authorities and MP Police for thwarting Pakistan-backed plot to secure militantsí release.

Sources said all 15 militants, lodged in the district jail, were dreaded ultras involved in a series of militant activities including killings, kidnappings and attacks on security forces. They had been arrested by army and police after massive efforts.

Meanwhile, a separate case of attempt to break jail has been registered against the militants. A case against four arrested harbourers of militants has also been registered and their interrogation was on.


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