February 2000 News

Shahi urges West to help resolve Kashmir dispute

23 February 2000

Islamabad: Pakistan''s former Foreign Minister Mr Agha Shahi has called upon the West to help resolve the Kashmir dispute and follow an even-handed approach in transfer of risk-reducing technology to the nuclear countries of South Asia so as to minimise the risk of any accidental nuclear warfare in the region. In his remarks while chairing the concluding session of the two-day seminar on command and control of nuclear weapons in South Asia, jointly organised by the Institute of Strategic Studies and ICWA in cooperation with Hannas Seidal Foundation, Islamabad, Mr Agha Shahi said should not underestimate the need to prevent nuclear holocaust in South Asia which poses a threat to the US national security. ''Our discourse speaks volume of the importance of command and control structures to prevent a nuclear holocaust'' he said, adding there is no escape from the need for a dialogue and in this regard India and Pakistan should strive to sort out issue relating to command, control, communication and intelligence whenever they resume bilateral dialogue.


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