February 2000 News

NC will not use Brute Force to pass Autonomy Bill : Abdullah

27 February 2000

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah has ruled out the use of ''brute force'' to pass a greater autonomy bill in the State Assembly but said no power can stop him if he desires to do so. ''If I desire, I can pass the autonomy bill in this hall as I have the majority,'' he claimed during an hour-long reply to the discussion on the Governor''s address to the house yesterday. ''But I do not want to resort to brute force,'' he said, adding the autonomy report, sent recently to the Centre, was open for discussion at every level. ''The State Government does not want to thrust it on the people of any part of the State. Every clause will be discussed at different levels and for a before a final decision,'' he said. Lambasting Panun Kashmir, a body of the Kashmiri Pandit community, for its demand for a ''homeland'', he asked, ''how many homelands are to be created in the country?'' Pakistan, he said, was the first such territory to be carved out of the country.


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