March 2000 News

Kashmiri Groups Reject Proposal For Combined Army

8 March 2000
News International
Javed Jaidi

Islamabad: Parties fighting for the Liberation of Kashmir from India have decided to continue their struggle under the banner of the Muthida Jihad Council (MJC) and disproved of the idea of a combined army. The News learnt through credible sources Wednesday that the proposal for converting the MJC into Combined Liberation Army for Kashmir was forwarded by a member party of the Council but after thorough deliberations the idea was rejected. A senior leader of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba said all the jihadi parties are working in collaboration with each other under the said Council and there was no need to establish a parallel organisation. He said formation of such an organisation would cause misunderstandings and may lead to disunity. He said the enemy has tried its level best to create misunderstanding among the jihadi groups through certain shady tactics but its nefarious designs have been thwarted. He said of late a conspiracy has been hatched to create divisions in the ranks and file of fighters on sectarian basis. However, such attempts have fizzled out as the freedom fighter groups ignore petty differences with member parties with a view to working against Indian imperialism. Ghulamullah Azad, spokesman of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba when contacted, said the Kashmiri fighters are united under the Muttahida Jihad Council and efforts are underway to further strengthen their unity. He said India was terrified by the joint operations of Kashmiri fighters especially by the ''Jan Fidai Missions'', which have inflicted on them massive losses.


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