March 2000 News

Expect another Kargil this summer: Lashkar

9 March 2000
Daily Excelsior

Islamabad: Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba today warned it had chalked out a new strategy for a Kargil like action in Jammu and Kashmir this summer. The Mujahideen are waiting for summer to give a surprise in Kashmir and they have prepared themselves for this new strategy and the liberation of Kashmir depends upon this new round against Indian forces, the outfitís chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed told reporters at Rawalpindi, a press release faxed to PTI here said. On US President Bill Clintonís Pakistan visit, Saeed said the outfit does not believe that he would solve the Kashmir issue. He is coming to Pakistan only for US interests not for Pakistan or Kashmir and those people who expect any sympathy from Clinton on Kashmir should ponder on the history of America that it cheated Pakistan on every occasion. However, Laskar-e-Toiba has no programme to protest against the visit of the US President to Islamabad, he said. To protest is the task of women. Men are to do Jihad and we are doing our duties in Kashmir. This is not our method to do such type of activities in our own country, Saeed said. The militant leader had a word of praise for Pakistanís Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf too. Gen Musharraf is the first ruler of Pakistan who openly said that Jihad is not terrorism, it is according to Islam and it is our duty to do it. The Mujahideen are happy for this stand of Musharraf on Jihad.


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