March 2000 News

Special security cover for minorities in Valley: Advani

26 March 2000
Daily Excelsior

Jammu: Terming Chithi Singhpora massacre as ‘horrendous carnage’, Union Home Minister, Mr Lal Krishan Advani said here today that killings of 35 Sikhs in the Valley was a game plan and a deep rooted conspiracy of Pakistan to force migration of all minorities from the State. He, however, revealed that a comprehensive plan with the involvement of local police, security forces and Army has been formulated to provide security cover to Sikhs living in the Valley. Talking to mediamen after a visit to Chithi Singhpora, Union Home Minister said that one of the reasons for the targetting Sikhs in the Valley was to spread terror among minorities and to creat disturbance in the entire country. '' Though Sikhs were never attacked by terrorists during the decade long militancy in the State but after forcing exodus of Pandits, Pakistan has now directed militants to wipe out Sikhs from the Valley'', he noted and added that living in cluster of villages Sikhs would be vulnearable targets of terrorists. Mr Advani observed that after getting befitting reply for its stupid mis-adventure at Kargil, Pakistan has intensified proxy-war with more and more involment of suicidal squads. ''Militants were under intense pressure to execute some incident during US President visit to focus Kashmir issue before the entire world'', he said while expressing satisfaction that instead of Kashmir, cross-border terrorism became point of discussion in the entire world. He asserted that cross-border terrorism has led to increased isolation of Pakistan in the world community. ''US President Bill Clinton’s television address in Pakistan (yesterday) has amply proved this fact,'' he noted. About India’s military preparations in the post-Kargil war situation, he said the Government had launched a two-pronged strategy of combating escalated terrorism. ''We will deal this with firm determination and create a world opinion against cross-border terrorism,'' he added. The Minister described the visit of President Clinton as a ''success of our diplomatic initiatives.'' Home Minister, however, made it clear that statements of US President or any other international leader won’t change the ground reality. ''Situation would be changed after intensifying our battle against terrorism'', he said while citing example of Punjab where militancy was wiped out completely after decade long blood-shed. Mr Advani recalled that after the 1965 and 1971 wars, India did not have much support at the international level, but the Kargil war has ''shown our success at the ground as well as at the diplomatic level.'' In reply to a question, Home Minister out-righly rejected demand of the State unit of the BJP regarding imposition of Governor’s rule in the State. ''This State is facing not proxy war but direct war with the Pakistan and I am not in favour of this extreme step'', he said. Lavishing all praise on National Conference Government, Mr Advani said ''State Government is fighting terrorism with full determination and sincerity. As such I see no reason for to destablise this Government. Otherwise also, the NDA Government wants to resort to imposition of Governor’s rule as the last option,’’. Replying to another question, Home Minister said that Centre has so far given Rs 400 crore as security releated expenditure to the State and decision on remaining Rs 300 crores would be taken very shortly after meeting of the Home Ministry officials with State officials. Rejecting State Government’s demand regarding more forces in the State, Mr Advani said that there was adequate force in the State but it has not being properly deployed. Putting at rest all apprehensions, Union Home Minister said that working on border fencing would be continued despite objection from Pakistani side and every precaution would be taken to complete this task as early as possible.


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