April 2000 News

ISI plans no-fly zone in Kashmir

18 April 2000
Asian Age

New Delhi: Pakistan?s Inter-Services Intelligence has chalked out a new 11-point strategy, including establishing a ?no-fly zone? within the Kashmir region, to step up militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. Intelligence sources said this decision was taken during a meeting held in Pakistan-Occupied Ka-shmir in the last week of March. It was attended by Pakistan Army regulars, ISI officials and Kashmiri militant outfits, including the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Hezb-ul-Mujahideen and Al Badr. The new strategy has been conveyed to all the militant groups operating in Kashmir. The ISI has directed the terrorists to create ?no-fly zones? in the Kashmir region to keep Indian Air Force fighters and helicopters out of that airspace, intelligence sources said. Any Indian aircraft violating the ?no-fly zone? would be shot down by anti-aircraft guns, the new strategy reveals. According to the new plan, the ISI will provide arms and ammunition and long-range guns and mortar as per geographical area requirements. The ISI is now paying a lot of attention to the collection of information about the Indian security forces - on deployment, operation, modus operandi and movements, intelligence agencies sources said. The militants have been asked to send intelligence inputs to their high command immediately. The ISI has decided to update the mode of training provided to terrorists in various parts of Pakistan on the basis of intelligence inputs on the modus operandi of the Indian security forces so that there is always a surprise element in their attacks, sources said. The 11-point strategy advises the militants to be flexible and change their operational strategy to suit the situation. Now that security around Army installations has been beefed up, the militants have been directed that ?all actions should be far from built-up areas.? Apart from dwelling upon new ways for the militant outfits to add more teeth to their firepower, the ISI has also prescribed fresh guidelines to the militants to restrict themselves to Islamic religious decorum in their day-to-day functioning. During talks and lectures, they have to adopt Islamic philosophy and also keep a watch on the activities of other Islamic institutions, reads one of the 11 instructions forwarded to Kashmiri terrorists. The militants have been also asked to renew their bid to win the sympathy of the Kashmiri Muslims. The militants had lost acceptance among Kashmiris to a great extent ever since normalcy was restored in the Valley. All the militants have to establish good and lasting relations with the ?Islamic people of Jammu and Kashmir,? says the new strategy. It adds that during action against Indian forces, all principles mentioned in Islamic Jihad should be remembered and applied.


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