April 2000 News

Ready for any sacrifice to protect J&K

23 April 2000

Jammu: The Vice-President, Mr. Kishan Kant, has expressed the country's resolve to defeat forces challenging its solidarity and said that Jammu and Kashmir would be protected ''at any cost.'' ''Jammu and Kashmir is the soul of India, and the nation is prepared to offer any sacrifice to protect it,'' he said after unveiling a mega-size bronze statue of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of the State, here last evening. Mr. Kant referred to the counter-insurgency operations being carried out as ''a unique fight in the history of India.'' ''This is a fight between secularism and fundamentalism, a war against terrorism and violence. This is fight for the soul of India. History is witness to the fact that truth always triumphed against evil forces,'' he said. Mr. Kant regretted that Maharaja Gulab Singh''s concept of a beautiful Jammu and Kashmir was of late under the shadow of international terrorism. But he exuded confidence that the valiant people of the State would foil machinations of international terrorism. Permanent border The Chief Minister, Mr. Farooq Abdullah, said that the Line of Control (LoC) should be declared as permanent border between India and Pakistan to bring ''lasting peace'' to the region and strongly opposed division of the State.


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