April 2000 News

ISI introduces deadly explosives in Jammu

29 April 2000
Daily Excelsior

Jammu: Pakistan sponsored decade long militancy in the Jammu and Kashmir State has assumed a dangerous proportion with the introduction of deadly explosive materials concealed in various objects of day-to-day use. This was stated by Deputy Inspector General of Police, Jammu-Kathua range Mr S P Vaid in a press briefing here today. Mr Vaid said that the Pakistanís Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) has now started sending deadly RDX and IEDs concealed in items of daily use to create widespread destruction on this side. ''This was evident from a large number of recovery of powerful IEDs and RDX from Jammu province during last one week'', he said and added that ISI which earlier preferred heavily armed mercenaries to target the civilians in the State has now changed its strategy with the aim to target the common man and to create terror among them. ''It was for the first time during the decade long militancy that such a large number of deadly explosives concealed in daily use items were recovered in series'', the DIG said and added that these different types of IEDs are being sent from across the border by the ISI which could prove dangerous and cause maximum casualties. These deadly explosives materials concealed in daily use items in such a manner that no one can easily detect it. The DIG cautioned the people not to touch any unclaimed object kept in any crowded public place as that could be a bomb-IEDs. He appealed to the drivers and conductors of all public transport vehicles to be vigilant against any suspicious person leaving behind baggage in the vehicle. He further appealed to drivers and conductors not to leave their vehicles unattended and inspect them thoroughly. The DIG said that passengers should also be made to get down from one particular door of the buses and should inform police whenever any stranger is seen in their respective localities. Mr Vaid also appealed to the media persons to create awareness among the public about the articles which may contain explosive material and bombs. He urged the people not to touch or pick up any unclaimed object and immediately inform the nearest police station-police control room so that the imminent tragedy can be averted by defusing IED or other explosive materials. The DIG also demonstrated certain articles to the media persons which have been seized over some time from different places and which did not serve the purpose they were basically meant for. He showed a cycle seat which was fitted with RDX and a time pencil was fitted to it for triggering the blast. The cycle seat was full of explosives and to be used at a crowded place. One head strong shampoo bottle, one powder bottle, one body spray bottle and one insecticide container were also filled with RDX. A water camper was also shown which contained RDX and had a dangerous bomb inside it. The DIG also demonstrated a steel container meant for bringing milk. The container had a hole at the bottom through which time pencil was inserted. A dry fruit box which is commonly served to VIPs also contained IED. Similarly, a brief case, a tape recorder, tiffin box etc which were shown to the press persons contained RDX. One magnetic bomb was also shown which could be stuck to a vehicle or railway tract for causing extensive damage. A very huge consignment of arms and ammunition recovered by the Police Station Kathua, Samba, Bishnah, Arnia, R S Pura, Miran Sahib, Vijaypur, Ramgarh, Kana Chak, Pallanwala, Bakshi Nagar was also shown to the media persons on the occasion. ''With the recovery of such deadly explosives concealed in day-to-day items it was proved that Pakistan was bent upon to create widespread destruction on this side of border'', he said and informed that the J&K Police have also launched a campaign to create awareness among the general masses so that ISI could not succeed in its nefarious designs.


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