April 2000 News

Lashkar, Harkat set for area occupation in J & K

30 April 2000
Hindustan Times
Vijay Dutt

London: The Pakistan-Based terrorist groups, Harkat Ul Mujjahidin and Lashkar-e-Tayyba, are preparing for more intensive and bloody raids and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The plans are for large scale incursions into India in the summer, which will be like mini-Kargils at strategic points on the Line of control. The latest strategy is to use death squads(fedayins). The evidence of such a tactics was the killing of the five Indian soldiers recently in the valley by one terrorist, who drove into the Army base in a car packed with explosives. He too was killed. An Observer reporter, who went to Muzaffarbad, says in his report that Lashkar-e-Tayyba has led 26 attacks by death suads since last summer. Only 14 of the attackers returned. Tayyba leader Abdullah Muntazeer told the reporter,''soon we will start new round of fighting. It will be very dangerous for India, and it will be the final round.'' India is loosing occupied Kashmir and Inshallha within two or three years we will liberate Kashmir,'' he told the reporter. The planned subversion in the valley by these groups, which already have a large number of heavily armed terrorist, poses greater threat in the wake of reports that Osma Bin Laden, the man who funds in the training camp in the PoK. has been scouting around for chemical and nuclear Weapons. The Harkat, which has its head-quaters naer Muzaffarabad and branded as a terrorist organisation by the US, is known to British counter-terrorism intelligence to having master-minded the kidnapping of six tourists in Kashmir in July,1995. The Observer correspondent Rory McCarthy who met leaders of the Harkat-Ul-Mujhadeed, was told by Altaf, a senior man in the outfit, that they will fight untill the last drop in their veins. ''We are not terrorists,'' claimed Altaf, wearing camouflage waist-coat. ''The generation will put the last nail in India''s coffin. Our companions are fighting in Bosnia and Chechniya and we are hopeful that Allah will not disapoint us.'' More than 10,000 people heard strident calls by Jamaat leaders for liberating Kashmir. Hizbul leader Syed Salahudin told The Observer that the Loc for them is like the Berlin wall.


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