May 2000 News

Hurriyat frowns at RSS nod to trifurcation

24 May 2000
Indian Express

New Delhi: The Hurriyat leaders today strongly objected to the RSS backing trifurcation of the state of J&K on religious lines and creating seperate territories for ladakhi Buddhists, the Hindu Panun Kashmiris and the largely muslim dominated areas. Reacting to the RSS suggestion senior hurriyat leader Abdul Ghani lone who is in the capital along wit hSyed Aki Geelani said:'' It is for hte people of Kashmir to decide what they want,it is not a property of the RSS which is trying to partition the stateon religoious lines'' Lone and Hurriyat chief Geelani are reportedly in Delhi for an informal round of talks with an emissary of Prime Minister Vajpayee. ''We reject any such proposal to trifurcate the state at the outset'' lone said ''Who are they to try and divide the state, or even air such proposals? They are making these suggestions to create problems when kashmiris are hoping for peace and everyoneis willing to have talks for that''. The Hurriyat leaders further asserted''We will never let the state to be trifurcated. The hurriyat part''s constitution clearly states that we will work for unification of the state. That we will initiate a dialogue to resolvethe disput. Asked about the RSS''s kashmir unit which had backed the proposal for trifurcation , Lone said ''I am a political activist based in kashmir but I''ve never heard or seen the RSS. We have never felt or seen its presence. It is sad if Advaniji has decided to bounce of its ideas through an organisation like the RSS'' The Hurriyat also denied that there was any tangible move towards a meaningful dialogue with the govt adding that the latter had no well thought out plan. ''The home minister is talking in multiple tones. 1st he says he will talk to the Hurriyat within the framework of the Indian Constitution . Then he says ther would be no talk with the Hurriyat.there was some other statement in parliament.'' Lone was willing to give Vajpayee some credit admitting '' the correct version of the situation has come from the Prime Minister. he clearly stated to the Congress delegation which visited him on the issue that the govt is yet to evolve a concrete plan on kashmir''


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